CNF Nih Mipi Leiah Dir Ding In Ca Thanh An Chuah Cang.

Both Chin and English below: Laica le Mirang ca in a tang ah ka ttial. The Chin National Front condemned the military coup on February 2. Now is the time for all Nationalities Armed Organization to give protection to the people. It is time for the international community to invoke humanitarian intervention.

CNF nih Febraury 2 ah thanh ca achuah i Ralkap nih hramhram in uknak a lak mi kan duh lo. Mipi he kan dir tti lai tiah an ti. Atu lio can hi mipi an him tilo caah Tlangcung miphun hriamtlai phu vialte nih mipi humhim nak an pek can a cu cang.

UN le international community nih humanitarian intervention timi cozah nih a ram mipi ningcang lo in a tleihhrem tik hna ah runven nak a pek tawn mi kha a tuah can a cu cang. Ramchung ummi embassy pawl hmai i nan kal tik ah humanitarian intervention kan herh cang tiah rak chim chih te u law. A hmun ah ralttha te in a cawl mi vialte upat nak pek bu in. Kan tei hrimhrim lai.
Credit : Salai BLM

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