Farrawn Mipi Nih CNF /A Cung Ah An Ngeih Chia.

Atu lio Farrawn khuabawi ttuan liomi le khuabawi hlun hna cu CNF nih an tlaih hna tiah theih a si. Khuabawi hlun Pu Mang Bur cu a ruang um lo bakin a ngel an ceh tiah thawng kan theih.

Hi kong he pehtlai in Kap Bawi nih hitihin thil sining a von taar,“Farrawn tulio khuabawi le khua bawi thing CNF nih an tleih hna cun khua bawithing Pu Mangbur cu a ngal an ceh a ruang um loh bak in,, rak kan fianh uh, farrawn mi pi kan ngeihchia,”tiah a taar hi a si.

Bomb puah thawng le meithal kah thawng a thang nain kahdohnak a um le um lo fiang in theih a si lo. [Updated] Zaanttim sml. 12:00 hrawng ah puah thawng a thang tthan. “A puah thawng a thang tuk,” tiah Hakhathar tlangval pakhat nih a chim. Source: The Chin Journal, May 3, Hakha

Hakhathar ah Bomb Puah Thawng le Meithal Kah Thawng a Thang. Tu zaan sml. 11:30 hrawng ah Hakhathar ah Bomb voi khat puah thawng le meithal kah thawng voi 10 hrawng a thang, tiah Hakhathar khuasa hna nih The Chin Journal ah an chim.

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