Khah Kahdohnak A Chuah Caah, Pakhat Nunnak A Liam Than Hliam Tuar An Tam Fawn.

Karen ramkulh chung KNLA, PDF le SAC ralkap i kahdohnak ah ralkap University chuak Major Sai Soe Thiha cu, bomb nih a puah i a thi tiah a hawikom le a naihniam hna sinin kan theih.

April 12 lio Karen ramkhulh, KNU Brigade 5 hmun lei ah umhmun khuarmi SAC ralkap pawl Ei- din a va chanh hna lioah bomb nih a puahhnawh hi a si tiah kan theih.

SAC ralkap chunglei thawngpang pakhat nihcun A nunnak liammi Major pa hi fa pahnih a ngeimi a si i
a chungkhar hna cu.

April 18 ah thawng an va thanh hna. Nunnak hi zeihmanh lo te a si ko, chikhat lo ah annih lei zong kannih lei zong kan thih komi hi ngaihchia ngai a si tiah, an langhter.

Karen Ramkulh um PDF nih cun KNU Brigade 5 ah ei-din va chanh an kal lio ah SAC ralkap pawl cu comb in kan puah hna caah hliampu an tam i, Major Sai Soe Thiha tucu khoika hmun ah a puah ti cu kan hngal lo tiah an ti.
Karen ramkulh, Mon ramkhulh le Tanintharyi ramṭhen hna ah KNLA, PDF le SAC ralkap kar kahdohnak a fak ngai tiah kan theih.Crd: The Chin Post.

USA ramih um mi Vanlalvura Bochung nih President Joe Biden sinah Open Letter a kuat Mr. President, United States ramchung ah Myanmar ram in a zam mi refugee tampi an um i khua an sa. Cu lakah US ralkap ?uan cang mi le a uan cuahmah mi an um, ka fapa neih chun te zong ai tel ve.. United States Marine Corps a ?uan lio.

Vawlei cung pumpi nih an theih dih bantuk in, Myanmar ramchung ah ramkhel buainak a chuak. Min Aung Hlaing nih a nawlneih nak cu vawlei cung zapi theih in a pho langh than. minung covo a chiatchuah i democracy ngah ding i sandahpiah nak a nei mi, sualnak a nei lo mi mipi tamtuk nih an nunnak an sung cang.

Myanmar mipi pawl chanh dingin US ralkap nan kuat ding asi ah cun ka fapa zong kua velaw tin zangfah kan nawl. Bawmh a herh mi ram pawl bawmh dingin US ralkap pawl an i thawh lio hi vawi tampi kan hmuh cang hna. Mipi humhim dingih nunnak pe ngamtu miral,ha pa nu zong kan hmuh hna.

Myanmar mipi pawl humhim dingin ka fapa nih uanvo anei, a chuahsemnak ram a si. Myanmar ram a hat khawh nak ding a si ahcun a nunnak zong a pek ngam lai tiah a tial.

Comment-nak ah Mitthli tla in kan ram ka cuan zungzal, kan vanglai ahcun ralthuam keng in doh khawh nak cantha kan nei fawn tung loh. Ka aiah ka fapa hi i telve kho hram ko seh a ti. Mirang in a tial mi rel duh mi caah Open Letter to President Joe Biden.

Mr. President, There are many refugees here in the states who have fled Myanmar and migrate here to the United States. Among those are many Burmese people who are serving and have served in the U.S military.

And my one and only son is one of them, he is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. As the world has known by now, there has been a political crisis in Myanmar, Min Aung Hlaing whos a.

dictator has shown the world once again how human rights are being infringed upon and many innocent people have lost their lives over protesting for democracy.

Id like to make a request that if you do send the U.S military over to Myanmar to help their people, I would like you to also send my son over there. Over time, weve seen the US military stepping in to help other countries in times of need and we’ve seen brave servicemen and women who are willing to die protecting people.

Id like to make it clear that is also the responsibility and the duty of my son to help the people of Myanmar, the country that he was born in, and that he should be willing to give his life if it means to restore peace in Myanmar.