Mi Sualpa Min Aung Hlaing A Zam Kho Lai lo Tiin,Dr. Sasa Nih Kawlram Mino Hna Sin Ca A Kuat Cang Hna.

Dr. Sasa nih Kawlram mino dihlak (G-z) sin ah cakuat a tial cang, Misual pa Min Aung Hlaing a zam kho lai lo a ti.
Dr. Sasa nih Kawlram chung mino, a bik in Ralkap dohnak ah hmaisuang in Sandah piahnak a hruaitu dihlak (Generation Z) sin ah cakuat atial. Hi ka cakuat hi Myanmar ramchung ummi Generation Z nih an hmuh cio nak ding ah share nak in ka bawm uh tiah nawlpatnak atuah fawn.

Cakuat a tial mi chung in a biapi deuh timi zawn te kan rak langhter lai, a dang cu a mah a tial ning Mirang ca in copy kan tuah ko caah.“Ram dawtu, Miraltha kan i ngeih mi mino (G-z) hna, nan cakuat, report nan ka kuat mi vialte ka hmuh dih lengmang ko. Nan cakuat le report nan ka kuat mi vialte Vawleicung hruaitu hna sin ah phak ter ding hi ka rian a si ve.

Keimah cu nan mah aiawh in bia a chim mi ka si i International Communities hmai ah nan ai kan awh hna. A dih donghnak nan sin ah dir ding le nan mah dirkamh ding in biakamnak zong ka tuah fawn. Nan nunnak nan thap bantuk in keimah zong nih ka nunnak ka thap ve, kan dirkamh hna, nan sin ah ka dir zungzal ve lai. Kan miphun nih tu bantuk kan tuarnak, hrem le thah kan sinak caan hi a sau tuk cang mi asi.

Cu caah ralhrang phu a simi, Min Aung Hlaing le a kut taang mino vialte hna hi an sualnak bantuk in biaceih an si hrimhrim lai. Hi bantuk misual, Ralhrang phu hna hi biaceih nak tong loin an zam kho hrimhrim lai lo, an sualnak bantuk in an tuar hrimhrim lai” tiah thazaang peknak cakuat a tial hi asi.

Letter to Generation Z, Please share to all members of Generation Z

Dear Comrades and Heroes of Myanmar, I have received your letters and reports. It’s my duty to take these your letters and reports to world leaders around the globe. I am your voice, I represent you to International Communities, I promise to stand with you and for you till the end. As you have done it, I also have laid down my life for the freedom of our people who have suffered crimes against humanity for so much and for far too long. These terrible terrorist group will be brought to justice , their acts of terrorism will not away unpunished.

Democracy will prevail in Myanmar, Freedom will prevail in Myanmar, Federal will prevail in Myanmar Justice will be served in Myanmar,tiin mirang ca in a ttial mi si.

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