Min Aung Hlaing Caah Thong Chia : Ralhrang Le Mipi Karlak Ah Leh Rulh Nak A Um Cang,Mipi Nih Ralhrang Hna Thim Mi Khua Bawi An Thah Ve Cang.

YANGON, MYANMAR - FEBRUARY 09: A protest leader shouts slogans through a megaphone on February 09, 2021 in Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar declared martial law in parts of the country, including its two largest cities, as massive protests continued to draw people to the streets a week after the country's military junta staged a coup against the elected National League For Democracy (NLD) government and detained de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Police fired rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannon to disperse protesters at demonstrations across the country, and at least two people were in critical condition from the injuries sustained. (Photo by Hkun Lat/Getty Images)

Kawl ralkap a cozah nih A thimmi khuabawi 2 cu meeting an tuah lioah meithal In rillak in an kah ve cang.Khuabawi 2 Cu Meeting An Tuah Lioah Meithal In an kah hna i,an nunnak a liam tiah teih asi. Mah hi thil hi karen state ah a ummi Zayetphyu timi khuate ah a cangmi a si tiah theih a si.

A si nain a ho nih dah mah hi kawl ralkap thimmi khuabawi 2 hi an thah hna timi hi a tu tiangah cun fiang tein an chim kho rih loh. Mah hi kah a tongmi khuabawi 2 hna hi meeting an tuah lioah meithal in kah an tong hna tiah theih a si i an mah he meeting a tuahmi minung pakhat zong a nunnak a liam tiah theih a si fawn.

Hi thil hi nizan kawl ram caan in suimilam 8 a luan hnu hrawngah khan a rak cangmi a si i a kaptu hi mipi maw an si timi le tlang cung hriamtlai pawl dah an si timi hi fiang tein an chim kho rih loh. Mipi an si lai cu an zum loh i a ruang cu kawl ram ah hin meithal i cawknak nawl hi a zalen tuk lo caah a si.

A tu lio kan dir hmun ah cun,Ralhrang hna le mipi lei hi,khat lei le khat lei i donak a chuak peng ko cang lai tiah mithiam hna nih cun an zumh cang. a ruang cu,ralhrang hna nih hin fawi tein, asung ankhan lai tiah zumh asi lo i,cu bantuk cun, mipi lei zawng nih a thi mi le a hliam mi an tam poh ah an thin hunnak a zual chinchin lai i, a ni kap lengmang ko cang lai ti hi zumh asi cang.

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