Min Aung Hlaing Nih Dr. Tay Za San A That Kho Mi Sin Ah,Sing 1000 Pek An Si Lai Tiah A Thanh Cang.

Dr.Tay Za San A Tlai Kho Mi Sin Ah Tanga Sing 1000 Bak Pek An Si Lai Tiah Cathanh An Chuah.Min Aung Hlaing nih hi bantuk cathanh a chuah mi hi, Aanaa a lak hnu in, a vawikhat nak asi.

Uico kawl ralkap pawl nih Dr.Tay Za San ummnak kan chim kho paoh nih sing 1000 pek nan si lai ti bak in cathanh an chuah. Wanted bantuk bak in an tar. Dr. Tay Za San a tlai kho mi/ a umnak a kan chim kho mi cu tangka sing 1000 kan in pek hna lai. (Misual ralhrang bu).

Credit : The Chin Post

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