Thaizing Thawk In Asian Ram Hna Nih Myanmar Kong Meeting An Tuah Cang Lai.

Thaizing ah ASEAN nih Myanmar kong Meeting an tuah ve cang lai.Ralkap nih uknak an lak hnu ah ASEAN hi Meeting an tuah rih loh. Statement zong an chuah rih loh. Dai tein thla khat an um hnu ah March 2 ah Meeting tuah dingin timh tuahnak an ngei ve cang.

Thaizing (March 1) ah Myanmar kong he pehtlaiin ASEAN Meeting kan tuah cang lai tiah Singapore Foreign Minister nih a chim. Aung San Suu Kyi le tlaihmi vialte thlah dingin Singapore nih kan chim lai ti zong a chim.

Ralkap nih Foreign Minister an thimmi zong Meeting a kai ve ko lai i; biachim nak zong a ngei lai tiah theih asi. ASEAN hi ralkap dirkamhmi an um pah caah ruah lo piin Statement zong chuah khawh ansi.

Credit : @Chin Channel News!

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