Trump Impeachment Vawihnih Nak An Thawk Cang.Zei Dah Cang Te Lai.

Vawlei cung thawngpang lar bik a si ve mi pakhat cu Trump impeachment kong hi a si. Mi tampi nih heh tiah an zoh peng mi a si. Trump impeachment voihhnihnak cu thawk a si cang lai.zan (India) Tu chun (US) ah Ex President Trump second impeachment senate floor ah thawk a si cang lai. Trump defence Attorney and House Impeachment managers nih suimilam 16, an mah nih duh ning bantuk in caan pek an si ve ve lai

Trump impeachment an kal pi ning- Nihnih Ni (Tuesday) suimilam 1-4 tiang, democrats lei nih Trump second impeachment tuah an nih tim mi kongah Constitution/Phunlam ningtein a si maw si lo ti an zoh hmasa lai.Tuesday 5 PM Senate ah Constitutional fehternak ding caah vote thlak a si lai, a tlawm bik ah 51 Senator nih vote an pek a hau lai.

Wednesday Motion deadlines Trump Attorney le Democrats impeachment managers caah Wednesday noon ah motion a um a cun, vote thlak a si than lai, a um lo a cun, Trail hun a si lai.Democrats impeachment manager nih suimilam 16 chung Trump sual phawtnak ding caah caan pek an si lai.Friday noon ah Trump Second impeachment Attorney lei nih suimilam 16 chung Trump nih zeihman sualnak a ngei lo ti kong an chim lai.

Friday 5pm ah Trump Attorney David Schoen Sabbath a si caah ngawl a si lai. Sunday noon 2 pm ah Senate ah bia ceihnak an ngei than lai.Democratic impeachment managers & Trump’s attorneys nih theipitu (witness) au khawhnak caan pek an si a cun theipitu (Witness) au an si lai

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer & Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell hnatlaknak an rak tuah ning bantuk in Senate floor ah, Democrat & Republican, Trump defense & House impeachment managers remnak an rak ser ning bantuk in thil kalpi a si lai. Credit-RTK

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