UK Cozah Nih Cun Vawlei Cung Mi Vialte Nih Theihpi Lo Mi,Kawlram Ralkap Nih Aanaa An Ting Mi Cu Fakpi In Taza Kan Cuai Cang Lai An Ti Cang.

Aa-naa a tinng mi hna kawlralkap pawl sinah UK-ram Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vuanci nih ” Vawlei cung ram vialte nih an theihpi lo mi, Cozah dirh nan timh, Taza kan in cuai hna lai hih tiin fakngai in a hro hna .Vawlei cung ram vialte nih kawlram i aa-naa a ting tu ralkap pawl cu a ho hmanh nih an thei loh i, ralkap hruaitu pawl vialte zong hi taza cuai an in duhtuk hna, tiin ca an tial.

Cuhnu ah cun, Kawlram aa-naa a ting tu ralkap hruaitu pawl sin ah chawva kawlnak kong i hremnak cu American pawl nih an pek hna .Cu bantuk i American nih an hremnak pawl vialte zong an cohlan nak kong cu UK ram Ministry of Foreign Affrairs Vuanci nih cun a chim chih Cun, Uk ram zong nih Kawlram aa-naa tingnak kongkau ah hremnak pek a timh ve i a biapi tuk ah an ruah mi thil pakhat zong a si.

The international community will not accept the coup in Myanmar and will hold those responsible to account. The UK welcomes @potus steps today to send a strong message to the military regime. is urgently examining further action under our own sanctions regimes.”- Dominic Raab, UK Foreign Secretary.

Source : Khit Thit Media.

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